Artificial Recruitment Intelligence: The Future of Human Resources.

September 5th, 2021

In a fast and ever-changing world, The skills to possess the ability to adapt to modern technology and maintain global competitiveness is rewarding to applicant and employer's experience. One must understand what matters most to the company and candidate. 

Many companies spent tons of hours in meetings to monitor the progress of their hiring process. Also, most recruiters rated the percentage of their employee's productivity only to find out the imperfect process. Often, the solution is by assisting employees in their jobs to raise the level of work interest. One of these strategies uses the Applicant Tracking System (ATS, and Candidate Relationship Management (CRM).

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Applicant Tracking System

Human Resources employees or even employees from other departments tend to be overwhelmed with high amounts of data and paperwork that needs to finish. An Applicant Tracking System provides its recruiters a database in which all the necessary information of a specific application is present. Aside from handling a large amount of data, it helps to narrow down applicants.

Candidate Relationship Management

There is no denying that there are situations when an applicant or a candidate who did not make it to the finish line but is worthy of being the winner. Candidate Relationship Management or CRM is responsible for handling these applicants. Often, silver applicant companies repeatedly need to recheck former candidates and deliberate changing their status before accepting them into the organization. Repetition is a tedious task, and using a CRM system could provide HR a bit of slack. CRM is an alternative to keeping all past candidate information and finding it beneficial in the future when seeking quality talents.