Common interview scheduling problems. Overcoming the hurdles you may face.

April 29th, 2021

All recruiters know the pain when it comes to trying to schedule an interview. From determining availability to communicating with candidates, coordinating even one interview can be a time-consuming process.

In fact, it can take up a significant amount of a recruiter’s time and prevent them from focusing on other parts of their job. And with hiring timelines increasing in length, scheduling problems can make an already long process even longer. 

‘It has been found that 42% of companies say one of their biggest priorities is investing in tools that help to speed up hiring’

Where does this interview scheduling aggravation come from? Here are some of the stress-inducing parts of scheduling an interview: 

❌ Flaky candidates 

You finally manage to schedule an interview, but the candidate doesn't show or cancels 15 minutes before the interview. Annoying, right? 

To avoid this in the future, there are a few telltale signs that you can be looking out for: 

  • Delayed responses from the candidate 

  • Responses from the candidate outside of business hours 

  • Rescheduling continuously 

  • Not being upfront with key information such as ‘notice periods’ 

❌ Email chains that drag on 

You’re caught in an endless email chain with a candidate, trying to pick a date and time for an interview. Meaning you could be waiting 24 hours for a response - only to find out that the date and time don’t work for them. 

Rather than dealing with this frustration, your best bet is to start using an interview scheduling tool. 

Our platform ‘Leo’ includes this feature and saves many of our clients hours of back and forth with their candidates; removing the tedious legwork out of the interview process. These tools make it much easier to nail down dates and times.

You’ll want to hear this … 93% of employers who have automated at least part of their talented acquisition process say it has increased their efficiency and saved them time. 

❌ Wasted time on non-fit candidates 

Overcome this with pre-screening solutions, such as video interviews. This will give you a better sense of who the candidate is before you move through the more important, time-consuming steps of scheduling an in-person interview.

Benefits of pre-screening include the following … 

  • Allows candidates to respond to initial questions in their own time. 

  • Recruiters can watch and filter through replies whenever is most convenient. 

  • Recruiters can choose who is worthwhile to have an in-person interview with. Saving time not interviewing candidates who are not a great match. 

❌ Scheduling multiple interviews daily 

If you’re trying to cram 10 interviews into a day, that’s a lot of information to retain. The candidates will begin to blur together, making it harder to make an informed hiring decision. 

Spreading out your interviews and giving yourself time will benefit you. Cramming will cause you to feel rushed, most likely leaving you unable to get the information you need to make the right hire for your satisfaction and ultimately the business's success. 

The moral of the story … scheduling interviews can be overwhelming, so try not to overbook yourself. 

❌ Seeming impersonal

Automated schedulers are highly, highly useful to set up interviews quickly. When you are automating your messages it’s important not to become too impersonal towards candidates as this doesn’t give off a good impression. 

Using technology such as Leo, allows you to customize your messaging carefully so that the contents of your messages remain on-brand. 

❌ Overseas candidates 

Setting up an interview with a one-of-a-kind candidate that you’ve found in New York whilst you're sat in London can become quite stressful if you don’t have the solutions in place, to begin with. 

When you're emailing at different times of the day, finding a time that works for both, even setting the initial date and time can seem near impossible. This is where tools like CRMs and ATS platforms come in most handy.

Your solution: an all-in-one recruitment CRM and ATS like Leo.

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With Leo’s all-in-one solution, the sky is the limit when it comes to your recruitment workflow.

From the automated workflows and sleek integrated elements that define our user experience, every feature has been carefully crafted to adapt and morph based on your specific recruitment needs.