December Hiring is SO FETCH 👥❄️

December 3rd, 2019


It’s the 3rd December and this week we’re as excited as Regina George’s mum at the Winter Talent Show. Why?

Well, A) Because it’s FINALLY December ❄️ And B) New features! 📲

“But Antonio, you bring out new features every week” I hear you cry.

Well, fear not young ones: it’s because we’re always improving Leo based on your feedback. Our updates are made with one thing in mind… YOU.

So, check out what we’ve stuffed in your Christmas stockings this week.

Candidate Portal

Candidates login to their newly updated portal and can see any applications in progress as well as (your) recommended jobs. Plus, the company preview at the base of the portal has a quick view into networks they’re part of and posts from companies they follow. That means they’re exposed to your EVP while enjoying the improved experience throughout your hiring process.

Candidate portal Blog

Candidate Manager

We’ve improved the UI of your candidate pipeline with this new Trello-like drag and drop feature. Move candidates through your stages in one fluid motion, tracking them as you go and changing their status within your process.

Candidate manager Blog

Try The Features

Now go, Glen Coco! Enjoy the new updates on Leo.