How To Hire Programmers in 2019

February 4th, 2019

Recruiting talent in 2019 is a challenge in general but when it comes to recruiting tech talent, employers have a tall task on their hands. Employers are not only looking for a technical fit for a role but does the candidate fit their culture.

Given the circumstances, it’s no surprise that it takes small and medium-sized businesses 86 candidates to fill the average position, while it takes 120 candidates to make a single engineering hire.

Here’s the difference between non-programmer candidates and programmer candidates in the recruitment funnel:



A hackathon is where computer programmers and software developers collaborate to create new software. Some hackathons are social or educational, but talented developers are still there. Many hackathons have a specific focus, so target ones relevant to the technologies you are hiring for

Code contributors

Sites like GitHub are where programmers can contribute to open source projects. Look at samples of a candidate’s code before contacting them, and if you don’t have programming chops, ask a friend who does to help you look for the stellar folks on Github. You don’t need to be able to write code to contribute to these platforms either, you can create repositories with information on your employer value proposition, the roles that you are hiring for and the benefits of working at the company.

Technical Tests

Never, ever hire a programmer without a test project. It can be easy to hire the first programmer that looks good to you—so you can get started!—but wait to extend the offer until you see what they can do

Sites like Tests4Geeks, Codility and Hackerrank are all great places to start.

Distribute Relevant and Skills Specific Content

Take time to understand the type of content that programmers like to engage with and create that type of content. Distribute it into the communities where programmers are most likely to hang out.

Let us help you!

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