Joyeux (Recruitment Pipeline) Noël 💻🎄

November 22nd, 2019

Recruitd Weekly Email Updates Social Post November-4th week

Storytime. I was annoyed by something pretty petty the other day – a classic case of our era’s I want it now attitude.

My children and I went and selected a Christmas tree. We got all the decorations. Went to Sainsbury’s for a turkey crown for myself and my two little ones. I even got the pigs in blankets.

We were having an early Christmas Day in the middle of November: putting the Christmas tree up, having dinner and settling in to watch Home Alone (one of our traditions).

So I went to Netflix and guess what? They don’t have that film in their catalogue. I was fuming because I couldn’t watch the movie on demand, when I demanded it.

Some would say that’s privilege, but in the modern world we expect to be able to do everything on demand.

A recruitment pipeline review should be no different! We’ve just released an amazing new feature which not only gives you a bird’s eye view of your entire organisation’s pipeline, but the jobs that have people at those stages. So you can instantly drill down.

Guys, we’ve just saved you a lot of time... thank us later. Now let’s look under the hood.

Pipeline Overview

From the pipeline overview dashboard, you can check the status of all of your jobs and get a quick, real-time view of your performance data. Better yet? From specific jobs or employer dashboards, you can now toggle pipeline overview on to jump back in.

Pipeline Overview

Professionals at Each Stage

How many roles are to be filled? How many candidates applied? How many are interviewing? Has anyone been offered? Discover all the answers to your pipeline catch ups all in one place.

Professionals at Each Stage

Candidate Jump

This is revolutionary for recruiters everywhere – without leaving the pipeline view, you can jump straight to the candidates at each stage and pull up their information, all on the same screen. Wave goodbye to messy admin and drowning in your candidate pool.

Candidate Jump


Has Christmas come early for you thanks to our new feature? Let us know!