Leo Employees Answer: How have you Changed Since the Pandemic?

July 25th, 2021

16 months later, a million and 1 Zoom meetings, several cups of Kenco and a LOT of spare time later, it’s time we asked ourselves, “how have I changed?”

As the UK reopens and the things we loved have returned – do we still get the same satisfactions out of them that we once did. 

Albeit, the pandemic caused widespread disruption and destruction, it has undoubtedly caused some positive changes that were well overdue.

From a business perspective, the pandemic has been a catalyst for collaboration. We have seen a spike in teamwork and being there for one another. Especially geographically. Companies, teams and owners collaborate without the boundary of proximity.

Furthermore, we have watched and participated in many historic events that have occurred during the pandemic. From climate change realisations and the uncovering of mass racism, people have gathered in online communities to spread activism and create policy change. 

These events happened, were recorded and then watched by the millions who were sat at home, with nothing else to do but watch and learn. 

 "Never let a good crisis go to waste" - Albert Einstein

But, of course, covid has done a great deal of damage. Recent research by whom carried out a survey of 2,438 young people aged 13-25, between 26th January and 12th February 2021 shows:

  • 75% of respondents agreed that they have found the current lockdown harder to cope with than the previous ones.

  • 67% believed that the pandemic will have a long-term negative effect on their mental health.

  • 79% of respondents agreed that their mental health would start to improve when most restrictions were lifted.

We asked our staff here at Leo and Forwrd how such effects may have changed them since the start of the pandemic – let’s hear what they have to say...

Geelle – Forwrd 

“I hated baking before because it needs a lot of work and precision but because of the pandemic, I learned how to bake and eventually found a love for the craft.”

Did anyone go down the Great British Bake Off route?

“I also found a job here in Forwrd which is really life changing for me. Compared to my previous jobs, I can really say I have a work-life balance now and the company environment is so great. I'm always looking forwrd to work everyday. I just learned the difference between working with Americans which they live to work whilst Europeans they work to live!”

Maricris – Forwrd

“I have more chances to be with my family and make good memories.”

“I got an opportunity to work from home and be more productive than working at an office and spending more time in traffic. I learn a lot and  discover new things!”

“Also, I learn more about how to manage my time whilst being a mother and an employee.”

Saving time and making dime! 

Mark – Forwrd

“I've gotten a lot fatter. But it is all good since working from home has been a blessing even though I live alone, I get to spend more time with my dogs and chickens.”

… Who hasn’t Mark, don’t worry!

Sheena – Leo

“As I observed to myself during this Pandemic is that I am more matured now I got an amazing job that supports me and my family. And I have more time with my family now. And always treasure moments because we never know what tomorrow brings.”

Silver linings!

Monica – Leo

“I had just two months of proper office regular work before lockdown. Two very long months. I hated the job before and during the pandemic BUT with covid I discovered remote working! Even if it was way harder than before because of the company, I was so happy to be in the comfort of my home and I didn’t have to struggle or stress out with the morning and evening buses.

Even if the pandemic prevented us from our freedom of moving around it also let me get a better job in a different country and surprisingly I travel more now than ever because I can work from wherever I want!”

Remote working can ironically bring us so much freedom!

Jamaera – Forwrd

“Have you changed since the pandemic? This question has created a big impact and made me ask myself where I was in the middle of a pandemic?  I am very much proud to say that this pandemic has created resilience in me. It enabled me to live by the saying "fall down seven times, stand up eight." 

Despite all anxieties and fear, I am able to stand firm and continue through life in these struggling times where work becomes overwhelming and may lead to being burnt out.

Working in the comfort of our home is a bonus perk. I am loving the flexibility I have at the moment as I work from home. I get to share more time for my family and myself. I don't need to travel or commute. 

Covid 19 has affected many lives and so is mine. It does not vanish in a click, but as a strong independent woman that I am today, I am able to swim on its waves and continue to love life whatever it has to throw at me.”

Tarra – Forwrd

“I moved jobs because of this pandemic. That is probably my plot twist during this trying time. I am now having my long lost dream as a Recruiter in an RPO setting - global campaign is a big bonus :heart:. I have always been wanting to explore the Recruitment Industry because it is very much related to my education. Never been this excited to come to work every single day knowing that I'll be learning new stories and new skills with every person I interview and with every colleague that I'll be working on. Indeed, moving Forwrd”

Kristine – Leo 

“Yes, due to the pandemic, I was able to do some stuffs like doing household choirs, playing instruments, more time with my 20+ dogs, and was able to realized that life is short, I need to do what I love the most.”

Alex – Leo 

“I had the ultimate change of perspective. I have learned to love more of my writings. I didn't appreciate it when someone tried to teach me about styles and grammar. But now I realise how significant that person is.”