Three Things That Will Change Your Recruitment Game Forever

January 15th, 2019

Recruitment and talent acquisition is changing, candidates expect their recruitment experiences to be seamless, effortless, personalised and instant.

With Recruitd we are building a platform for recruitment agencies and employers to offer amazing recruitment experiences.

Here are three features that will transform your recruitment game forever:

Automatic Interview Scheduling and Outlook/GMAIL Calendar Sync

We’ve built the most intelligent and automated interview scheduling functionalities on the market.

Using out self-service tool, hiring managers and candidates can synchronise their outlook or gmail calendars with Recruitd giving them their matching available interview slots.

With one click (tap), interviews are synchronised for all parties involved and even automatically added to their calendars.

All the while, agency and internal recruiters are kept in the loop.

This removes the back and forth for interview availability and gives the candidate and business ultimate convenience


Employer post their jobs to Recruitment Agencies

On Recruitd, employers can post their jobs to the highest rated recruitment agencies in three steps.

Once they’ve created the job posting, added the skills and industries experience for the role and stipulated the fee that they are willing to pay for recruitment agency support on the position, they’ll be presented with a list of the highest rated recruitment agencies that recruit for those skills.

An employer simply selects the recruitment agencies that match their expectations and instantly the recruitment agency will receive a notification on web and mobile to accept working on the position. The recruitment agency can negotiate and have a deeper conversation on the position within the direct messages.

Once, the recruitment agency accepts, they are able to submit candidates on Recruitd and employers can see which recruitment agencies are responsible for which candidates in their applicant lists.

Even the hiring managers are notified when candidates are successfully screened.


Email Invites for Reviews

Control your reputation as a recruiter and the reputation of your organisation by inviting people to review you on Recruitd.

As a recruiter you can personally build your recruiting notoriety, as an agency you can increase your chances of winning business and as an employer you can demonstrate your value propositions from verified and real people.

The invite to review feature is as simple as adding a first name and email address of the person or people you would like to review you or your company.

They receive an email with a link, write their review and select the company or person they dealt with at the company and there you are.

Email Review

These are just three features that are free to use, will make your life easier and offer your candidates an amazing recruitment experience.