NEWS JUST IN: Here’s what young jobseekers want from recruiters

November 2nd, 2020

The Debut and the Institute of Student Employers (ISE) and Institute of Student Employers (ISE) partnered up to undergo a study into what it is recent graduates want during the job process.

Seven questions were posed to 2,000 young jobseekers amid this current pandemic and unique job market.

Without further or do, here’s a summary of their answers...

1. “What is important to them when they are choosing a job?”

  • 98% said the leading factor when choosing a job is being treated fairly

  • 73% said that it’s important to be working with like minded people

2. “How are young jobseekers thinking about and planning for their career?

  • 57% said that their career plans have changed since the start of the pandemic 

  • 42% were confident that they’d find a job they wanted quickly after leaving education 

3. “What sources of information are they using and finding helpful?” 

  • 91% admitted that face-to-face work experiences are helpful but that they wanted access to online information 

  • 90% said that job boards and careers websites were definitely helpful

4. “How should employers communicate with them?”

Social media

  • 37% agreed that employers should communicate with them through blogs

  • 36% through Instagram

  • 33% through Twitter

  • And, 28% through Facebook 

  • Overall, respondents are ‘lukewarm’ to being contacted through social media


  • The most positive form of communication was via email and LinkedIn, with 95% would prefer to be contacted through email

  • 90% said LinkedIn

5. “How do they feel about different assessment approaches?”

At the moment, virtual assessments are the only route recruiters can take, but what do job seekers think?

  • 91% said they were comfortable taking part in face-to-face interviews

  • 86% said they were comfortable with online interviews

6. “What do they want to hear from employers?”

  • Jobseekers want to hear about the recruitment process, gain information about which recruiters were looking for in applications and more

  • Career advisement/training and opportunities within the organisation are important to students

  • They want an honest account of current/past employee experiences.

  • They also wanted to see voluntary, charity and community efforts from employers.

7. “How are they feeling about starting work?” 

  • 93% are happy to work from home

  • 94% were excited about the prospect of starting work overall

Albeit these are trying times for graduates and new job seekers, they are remaining optimistic though realistic.

As a recruiter, these figures are important to take into consideration when discussing the job profiles with employers!